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Wealth Protection

No one goes into a relationship expecting it to fail, but lots of people are now realistic about the pressures placed on relationships in the modern age and want to insure themselves against the marriage breaking down by asking us to assist with wealth protection.

Pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly popular with the following groups of people:

If a pre-nup has been well prepared by a solicitor who frequently drafts and advises in this area, then the courts are now more likely to uphold it. However, the court can ignore a pre-nup if it does not meet certain safeguards.

In addition, we advise on and prepare post-nuptial agreements, which can be entered into after a marriage has taken place.

We also provide legal advice on and prepare cohabitation contracts, which are the equivalent of the pre-nup for unmarried couples. This contract deals with what the financial arrangements will be if your relationship breaks down.

All of these products, if properly prepared by a solicitor practised in this field, can provide some certainty and peace of mind.

We can help you prepare wealth protection documents or advise you on the contents of one.

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The law in England and Wales does not give unmarried couples who live together any automatic legal rights when their relationship breaks down. Instead, they can be left to make a claim for an interest in property using property and trust law – this can be complicated and expensive. As a result, many couples now […]

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Why should I have a pre-nup?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to get a pre-nup?

Ideally, a pre-nuptial agreement should be discussed and agreed well before your marriage takes place. You and your future spouse should each have the benefit of legal advice and disclose details of your respective financial positions to each other. The pre-nup should also be signed well before your wedding day – we recommend that it […]

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What is a post-nuptial agreement?

A post-nuptial agreement (also called a post-nup) is designed to decide what should happen to each spouse’s assets on divorce, just like a pre-nup. However, a post-nup is entered into by you when you are already married, whereas a pre-nup is done before the wedding. A post-nup can be a good thing to consider if […]

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Is there anything I need to do once I have a pre-nup?

It may be important to keep your pre-nup under review. It may well specify in it that the agreement needs to be looked at every few years or if there any changes in circumstances – for example, if you have a child or if one of you falls ill. Reviewing the pre-nup is likely to […]

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How much does a pre-nup cost?

The cost of a pre-nup will depends on various factors, such as: How complex the pre-nup is likely to be in terms of what types of asset you are trying to protect; The complexity of your asset base – if there are trusts or business assets then expert help may be needed in the form of trust […]

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