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Keep out of court

“There were times in the process that Andrew went the extra mile without being asked”

No one wants to go to court. Settling out of court saves you time, money and stress. 

How we keep you out of court

Because we’re such skilled negotiators, approximately 95% of our cases are agreed out of court. We work hard to help couples reach agreements as amicably as possible. As trained collaborative lawyers and members of Resolution our solicitors are committed to resolving family law issues through negotiation wherever possible. We work with mediators and counsellors to support couples through the divorce process and help them reach decisions that will provide the most acceptable outcome for everyone involved.

There will always be times when court offers the best option and we do occasionally have to make applications to the court. In most situations, however, we can resolve issues through negotiation.

Settling out of court saves time and money and avoids leaving important decisions in the hands of a judge, whose ruling may not give either party their desired outcome.


Why one of our clients was grateful to stay out of the courtroom – case study

Our client’s husband was a well-known personality whose divorce would have made excellent newspaper headlines.

The case was complex, with serious areas of disagreement between the parties, which made negotiation difficult. The value of the assets was high and there were several properties involved. The pension situation was also complex, involving several different schemes.

Our priority was to have as much fact as possible upon which to base our negotiations.

We commissioned an actuary’s report to secure a reliable valuation of the pensions which were eventually valued for considerably more than the valuations provided by the husband had originally said. We also commissioned independent valuations of the properties with the same result. 

We reiterated to our client throughout the importance of keeping control of the negotiations to avoid the need to involve the courts. A court case would have drawn unnecessary attention to both parties and would have put their destiny in the hands of a judge.

By dealing with the case in a low key way and keeping it out of the courts the couple agreed an outcome that they were both happy with and avoided the additional stress of having the details of their divorce publicised in the papers.



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