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 “I could not have found a more supportive representative than you.”

Separating from someone can be emotionally difficult. However anxious you’re feeling, we’ll put you at ease from the moment you step through our door. 

We listen carefully to your concerns and take time to understand your priorities and fears. We want you to feel confident enough to share everything with us so that we can deliver the best possible service and secure the settlement you deserve.


How we show support – case study

Our client’s husband had been dominant throughout their marriage and she found it very difficult to open up about her feelings and fears.

We provided a safe environment where she felt able to share her concerns about her future, her financial welfare and the needs of her children.

By having someone on her side she was able to negotiate a settlement with confidence. We assessed her circumstances and those of her husband before offering realistic advice based on fact.

She agreed a deal that allowed her to remain in the family home so that their children could enjoy stability at home and school. She was also able to negotiate a maintenance settlement that made fair financial provision for her and the children, taking into consideration all their needs including the cost of education, out of school activities and everyday essentials. It also took into account the damage she had suffered to her own career as a result of both parties’ decision that she should give up her career to look after the children and the lost ground she could never make up in terms of her own career.

When the case concluded she told us that she had experienced a sense of relief when she first walked through our door and a realisation that she was being listened to and understood.



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