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“Process, pricing and what was needed from me were all very clear”

Keeping legal costs under control can also be a worry. From day one we’ll be clear with you as to what your costs will be. Investing in our expert advice will get you a better outcome and will save you money in the long run. 

How much will it cost?

Let’s be honest – you’re bound to be worried about how much your divorce will cost and whether you’ll be able to afford a quality law firm like Harrogate Family Law.

It’s part of our job to make sure you that the money you invest in legal fees is money well spent. We work with you to ensure that money is only invested in legal fees if we are sure that it will get you a much better outcome and save you lots of money in the long term.

It is vital to understand that, by investing in good quality legal expertise, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run by avoiding the need to revisit issues that have been missed or tackle unexpected difficulties that arise.

The way we work is to give you clear, detailed information about the likely level of your legal fees at the start. For added peace of mind, we can even agree a cap on your legal fees or agree a fixed fee before we start work for you.

If your legal fees have not been capped or fixed, we will reassess your case month by month basis to reassure you that the money you’re spending is helping you maximise your settlement.

The best way to limit your solicitors’ costs is to reach an early settlement without the need for any court proceedings. We will try to secure a rapid settlement for you and are committed to Collaborative Family Law, which shares this aim.



How we saved our client millions – case study

The money you spend with us will ensure that you receive the best possible advice.

Our client was hoping to secure a share of her husband’s pension, which had been valued at approximately £3m. When we looked closely at the valuation we realised that it was wildly inaccurate. As specialists in divorce and finances we are used to spotting where the valuation provided by a pension scheme is inaccurate. If the valuation fails to take into account the true nature of the scheme’s benefits, the undervaluation can be significant.  It is vital to understand if the valuation used (commonly known as a Cash Equivalent Value) has been valued accurately.

It is also vital to ensure that full details of all pensions have been provided.

Frequently, there are other complex issues to be taken into account such as tax, the different ages and retirement ages of each party, health, how the scheme is funded and the complicated rules relating to how the value in a scheme can be shared by the other party which differ from scheme to scheme.

Pensions are often the biggest asset in a marriage and this highly complex area should only be tackled by a specialist family lawyer.

In this case, we pressed for the husband’s pension to be revalued and discovered that it was worth about £6m, boosting our client’s settlement by millions. Our legal costs and the costs of our pension expert for this exercise were about £5,000 which proved to be a very worthwhile investment against the extra £3m we discovered, and which made a huge difference for our client.



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