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Here are just a few examples of what our clients have said about us (all testimonials have been anonymised to protect client confidentiality):


Get a fair deal

“I could not have found a more supportive representative than you. Your choice of barrister was perfect. I could not have asked for a better outcome.”

“I greatly appreciate all the work you have done on my behalf and I have felt secure in the fact that you have looked out for my interests even when I was ready to give in for ease.”

“I do feel that you have achieved a great deal on my behalf and negotiated the optimum settlement.”


Keep out of court

“You have acted with good grace and kindness in a very emotional and upsetting business and I truly appreciate all you have done.” 

“You provided me with an extremely professional, high-quality and timely service during this difficult time and I would not hesitate in making onward referrals to my friends, colleagues and business associates.”


Avoid costly mistakes

“I only wish my accountants were as on-the-ball and efficient as you…”

“At last I can say I have found a family lawyer who knows what they are doing.” 

“You were fabulous. I had total confidence in you. You were as sharp as a razor and grasped complex issues very quickly.”

“The acid test in any professional service is “Would I use you again?” The answer is of course that I hope I never need to, but I would recommend you to anyone who did.”

“Andrew provided support and understanding throughout my case in addition to the legal advice which was clearly presented, very friendly yet highly professional service.” 


Save money

“I was exceedingly happy with the service I received. Divorce is not fun but I had pragmatic advice throughout so I understood the situation and what I had to deal with. Process, pricing and what was needed from me was very clear.” 

“Ellie gave great advice throughout the process and I really don’t think I could have achieved any more in terms of a settlement.” 


On your side

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Andrew for providing a straightforward and professional service at a highly stressful and emotional time for me. Whilst going through such a painful process, I always felt I could trust in his advice and client service.” 

“I was extremely impressed by Andrew’s manner, attention to detail and efficiency with regard to my case. I felt that he would do a good job for me from my first meeting and I was not disappointed.” 

“An efficient, professional service with empathetic and highly skilled staff. Straightforward communication without “stuffiness.” 

“I would like to thank you and your team for all your help, patience and guidance” 

“There were times in the process that Andrew went the extra mile without being asked. He did his best at all times and for that I will always appreciate him and his conduct.” 


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What Our Clients Say...

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