Wealth protection

No one goes into a relationship expecting it to fail, but lots of people are now realistic about the pressures placed on relationships in the modern age and want to insure themselves against the marriage breaking down by asking us to assist with wealth protection.

Pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly popular with the following groups of people:

  • Those who already have more assets or income than their partner
  • Those who are likely to inherit assets during the marriage
  • Those who have been married before

If a pre-nup has been well prepared by a solicitor who frequently drafts and advises in this area, then the courts are now more likely to uphold it. However, the court can ignore a pre-nup if it does not meet certain safeguards.

In addition, we advise on and prepare post-nuptial agreements, which can be entered into after a marriage has taken place. We also provide legal advice on and prepare cohabitation contracts, which are the equivalent of the pre-nup for unmarried couples. This contract deals with what the financial arrangements will be if your relationship breaks down.

All of these products, if properly prepared by a solicitor practised in this field, can provide some certainty and peace of mind. We can help you prepare wealth protection documents or advise you on the contents of one.