Legal fees and costs

It’s only natural that you might be worried about the cost of legal advice. That’s why from the very outset we will give you clear and detailed information about the likely level of your fees. For added peace of mind, we can even agree a cap on the cost of your case before we begin.

We can also help with the following:

Free 30-minute consultation?

 You may have seen that some firms offer a free 30-minute consultation and we often get asked if this is something we offer.

We understand that you may be worried about the cost of legal advice; however, we are also conscious that 30 minutes is simply not enough time to get to the bottom of what you’re worried about and provide meaningful legal advice.  To do so tends to take 1 hour.

Instead, we do things differently to other law firms.  We offer a fixed price, one-hour meeting.  This gives you complete certainty about how much your meeting will cost.  It also means that you get meaningful, carefully considered legal advice about your situation and concerns.

You also get this guarantee – if you aren’t convinced that we fit the bill after the first 30 minutes, you can end the meeting then free of charge.  We promise we won’t be offended.


We’re committed to ensuring that you receive excellent value for money. Our extensive experience, along with the latest technology, makes us more efficient than other firms and allows us to offer extremely competitive rates for our services.

Obtaining funding

Funding for legal fees can be obtained from various sources. We will discuss the options open to you and can introduce you to expert contacts who can assist you with funding.

Quick settlement

The best way to limit your solicitors’ costs is to reach an early settlement without the need for court proceedings. We will endeavour to secure a rapid settlement for you and are committed to Collaborative Family Law, which shares this aim.