The word narcissist is thrown around quite a lot, but what is a narcissist and how can you spot one?  We have put together a few signs that could help you recognise if you have one living in your own home.

1. They have a strong sense of self-entitlement.

Does everything seem to be about them?  Do they act as though they deserve to receive preferential treatment to everyone else, including you and your children?  This is a common behavioural trait of a narcissist.  This can be over trivial things, such as who is the designated driver when going for a special event, to more significant matters like how finances are split if you decided to separate.

2. They are insecure.

Do you find that your partner regularly overreacts to situations that should not bother them?  Do they show signs of jealousy?  Whilst narcissists may come across as confident and charming in reality, they are bitterly insecure and this tends to manifest itself into jealousy and anger.

 3. They are manipulative.

Do you find yourself questioning your own sanity?  Being married to a narcissist can mean being regularly manipulated without even realising it.  We have put together a blog about the term “Gaslighting” which you can find here.

4.  They lie to you and others…a lot!

Have you found out that your partner has lied about you?  Has your partner lied about other people to you?  Narcissists are very convincing and self-interested liars.  Narcissists convince themselves that their own lies are true and as a result people have a tendency to believe them.

5. Everything is your fault and always will be!

Do you find that every time anything does not go to plan, or you argue with your partner, it is all your fault?  Is everything that is wrong in your relationship your fault?  Does your partner accuse you of things that they themselves have done?  Unfortunately, being in a relationship with a narcissist means that they will always consider themselves to be right and you will always be in the wrong.

If you are worried about separating from a narcissist because of how they will react or what their behaviour will be like if you instigate a divorce, we are here to help.  We understand the complexities of dealing with narcissistic behaviour.  Narcissists have a higher level of self-entitlement and a propensity to lie and it is for this reason that it is important to get urgent specialist family law advice to protect your and your family’s future.

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