Spousal maintenance – How long can you be expected to financially support your ex?

If you are making spousal maintenance payments to your ex, you will understandably question whether you are still expected to pay when they have moved a new partner in and no longer seems to be having to manage on their own.

How to protect family money when your children divorce 

We understand that families often help each other financially and that the prospect of your child divorcing, especially if you have assisted them financially during their marriage, can be worrying.  Here we look at the steps you can take to safeguard your investment if your son or daughter separate or divorce.

10 surprising reasons that your marriage could be headed towards a divorce

When you think about possible reasons why people get divorced, the more obvious ones tend to spring to mind: One person having an affair?  Financial difficulties?  A lack of love and affection?  However, there are other, not as obvious reasons that over time can be detrimental to a relationship.  Do you treat your house like a hotel?  Are you addicted to social media?  Read on to see if any of these feel familiar: