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Can you change a narcissist?

Being in a close relationship with a narcissist is extremely challenging. You’ll probably find yourself on an endless loop, wondering whether your life is always going to be this way. Where did the person I loved at the start of the relationship go? What did I do to make them behave this way? Am I ...

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The Different types of Narcissist and How to Identify them

To describe someone as a ‘narcissist’ isn’t something to be done lightly. It’s not uncommon for the term to be banded around, without fully understanding what it actually means. While the word narcissist can be used to describe someone who’s incredibly self-centred, it goes beyond hogging the limelight at a party or stealing someone’s thunder.  ...

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5 ways a narcissist will react to divorce

When you decide that your relationship is over, one of the most difficult things to manage is how your spouse or partner reacts to the news. Sometimes, relationships end by mutual agreement, and whilst matters may not be simple, they do at least contain an element of civility.  When you’re separating from a narcissist, civility ...

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Divorcing a narcissist – how to be prepared

Divorce is never easy. Even if there’s civility and mutual agreement, more often than not there are bumps in the road. The amicable divorce is, at best, improbable. However, whilst it’s one thing divorcing under ‘normal’ circumstances, divorcing a narcissist is a different matter altogether. Trying to reason and negotiate with someone who’s incapable of ...

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