What does the future of mediation look like?

The role of mediation is to help you and your ex-spouse or partner reach agreements about your divorce or separation. In essence, it’s a discussion, facilitated by a third party, about any issues you feel need to be resolved before matters are finalised between you. For example, the finances, the family home, and often the ...

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Top tips to help you prepare for mediation

No matter how amicable you feel your separation or divorce may be, there are bound to be stressful times ahead for everyone involved. From financial settlements and pensions, to breaking the news and the arrangements for children, there’s a lot to think about. But it’s important to remember that there are tools out there that ...

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How can family mediation help when going through divorce

Mediation is just one of the many options available for couples looking to separate or divorce. Whether it’s to discuss potential arrangements for the children or the finances, mediation can be a constructive opportunity for couples to come together and resolve any issues on neutral ground.  That being said, expert legal advice is still of ...

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5 alternatives to going to court

If you’re embarking on divorce proceedings, the thought of going to court can be overwhelming. Your mind may immediately go to stress, expense and delay, when all you want to do is get the best possible outcome as soon as you possibly can.  Whilst court is sometimes the best option for some circumstances, there are ...

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Compulsory mediation- an ongoing discussion

As Justice secretary Dominic Raab continues his campaign to prevent up to half of family law cases reaching the courts, the issue of mediation remains firmly under the spotlight. With many courts across the UK dealing with a backlog of cases (a problem exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic), the discussion of making mediation the default ...

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