3 Challenges of Divorcing with a Business

Self-employment has been a growing trend in the UK for some time now. As of January 2022, there were approximately 4.19 million self-employed workers in the UK, many of whom will be at the helm of successful businesses.  But what happens during a divorce when there's a business involved?* Here, we take a look at ...

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Is divorce different for the very wealthy?

In recent years, there’s been a fair amount of press coverage when it comes to the divorces of the rich and famous. We’re talking about some seriously high profile, and extremely high net worth, cases: Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott, Bill and Melinda Gates are just two of the couples that spring to mind.  For ...

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5 myths about family solicitors

Family solicitors have had their fair share of attention in the world of Hollywood and television dramas. And while many of us enjoy a dramatic court-room scene on our TV screens, they’ve done nothing to correct the preconceptions about the profession that are already in existence.   In this week’s blog, we’re bringing things back to ...

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What happens to gifts on divorce?

When a couple decides to divorce, the division of the assets and finances poses plenty of questions. What will happen to the family home? Where does the law stand with regard to pensions? And what happens to any gifts that were given to one another throughout the marriage and in happier times? Engagement rings, family ...

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How to get the divorce process started

Take early advice from a specialist The sooner you can see a specialist family lawyer, the better. Each decision you make could have an impact on your future. Before the divorce process can get underway, their priority will be to protect you financially. They will make sure you have enough money to pay your bills. ...

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