Divorce is a very difficult time for anyone and you need to have the best legal support on you side.  Here are some helpful things you need to know:

We understand

You are going through possibly one of the hardest times in your life.  We understand that, and we are here to support you through it.  We have a wealth of experience and will use our expertise to support you in the best way possible.

Honesty is the best policy

In order to be able to assist you in achieving the best outcome for you and your family we need to fully understand your situation.  We are not here to judge you and if you are completely honest we can do a much better job for you.

Everyone’s situation is different

Just because your best friend’s uncle has told you that when he got divorced his wife “took him for everything” doesn’t mean the same will be true for you or that it was factually correct.  Everyone’s situation is different and family law is very discretionary.  Instead of listening to well-meaning friends and relatives, the best thing you can do is get some expert legal guidance about your situation so that you get the best outcome.

We really are on your side

There may times that we need to have a difficult conversation with you or tell you something that you may not want to hear.  It does not mean that we are not on your side; however, we do need to ensure that you fully understand your situation and what your options are.

It will get better

Life does move on and whilst it may not feel like it right now, things will start to get better particularly if you have us handling everything for you.  Divorce can feel like a lonely time, but it is also a time to rediscover yourself.  Go out and meet new people or pursue a hobby that you have never got around to doing.  We will do our best to help you secure your future.

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Andrew Meehan is an experienced family lawyer specialising in complex divorces involving significant or hidden assets, as well as cases involving children.

He is recommended for family law by both Chambers 2019 (York, Hull and surrounding regions) and the Legal 500 2018 (Leeds/West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire region).

Everyone’s circumstances are different and this article is provided by way of general information only and must not be replied upon.  If you require legal advice on a family law issue, please feel free to contact us by emailing enquiries@harrogatefamilylaw.co.uk.