Dating after divorce is both a daunting and exciting prospect.  Chances are you have been out of the dating game for a while and it has changed!  In a world of online dating, dating apps and social media it may seem like no one has “chance encounters” anymore and establishing yourself in this new world can feel impossible.

We have put together 6 tips to hopefully make the experience a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable.

1. Make sure you feel ready

Going through divorce is an emotional rollercoaster.  You need to make sure you have given yourself adequate time to adjust to your new situation and feel at peace with what has happened.  Dating whilst still struggling with the emotional impact of your divorce is not a good idea.

2. Be honest

You need to be honest with yourself and be honest with the people you are going to date.  This ranges from your past experiences to your age.  Relationships formed on the basis of mistruths are never going to last.  If you are trying online dating, make your profile a realistic representation of you.

3. Know what you want

Do you want to date and have fun?  Do you want a long-term relationship?  Are you open to re-marry one day?  Do you want more children in the future?  Those might seem like difficult questions to answer right now and there is nothing wrong with that.  But you need to know if certain things are a “no go”.  You may start dating someone who wants marriage and children.  If you don’t, you need to be clear otherwise it could end in tears.

4. Be open-minded

 This may sound contradictory to the last tip but bear with us.  Whilst you will certainly have some things which are a “no go”, you should be open minded about the type of people you meet and the type of experiences you could have.  You may meet someone with an age gap, or that is not “your type on paper”.  You could also meet your soulmate.  Dating is also a good opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and to enjoy new experiences.  You could discover a new favourite hobby…skydiving anyone?!

5. Be safe

 This is really important.  The dating world has changed, and it is important to take steps to protect yourself.  If you meet someone online and arrange to meet in person, remember that you cannot guarantee that you are meeting the person you believe you are meeting.

Therefore, always make sure someone knows who you are meeting, when and where.

6. Enjoy yourself!

 Most importantly, you need to enjoy yourself.  You have reached a point where you are ready to move on and enjoy life which is something that should be celebrated.

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