Finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can be a huge shock, although things probably haven’t been right between you for a while. Here are 7 tell-tale signs to look out for.

A lack of interest in future plans

Whether it’s a new kitchen or next summer’s family holiday, your spouse is unlikely to want to engage in conversations about future plans for the home or family if they are considering a divorce.

No more arguments

You might think that an increase in arguments spells danger but often the opposite is true. If you normally bicker or fight regularly and it suddenly stops, your spouse might have given up on the relationship.

Spending more time out

If they are spending longer hours at the office or going out more to meet friends, it could be a sign of purposely avoiding the home environment – and potentially tricky conversations. It could also indicate that they have started a relationship with someone else.

Having a makeover

If there is someone else in their life, you might notice that your spouse is taking greater care over their appearance. They might suddenly be spending money on new clothes or have a renewed focus on losing weight or improving their fitness.

Being secretive

Have you noticed a reluctance from your spouse lately when it comes to sharing plans about where they’re going or what they’ve been doing? Are they being cagey about phone messages or going outside to take calls? All this could point to someone else being on the scene.

Renewed interest in finances

You need to be particularly alert to any changes in your spouse’s behaviour towards finances. If they are suddenly asking a lot of questions about documents or bank accounts, or if they seem to be applying for new credit cards and accounts, it’s time to ask questions. You should be very concerned if money starts to go missing from some of the family accounts or if your spouse stops making payments into mortgage or investment accounts.

Losing physical connection

A lack of intimacy is often one of the earliest signs that things aren’t going well in a relationship. It could just be down to you both working too hard or suffering exhaustion from managing the demands of a young family but it’s something you need to talk about sooner rather than later. As time goes on, that emotional and physical distancing can be accompanied by a snappiness or disrespectful attitude which is a clear indication that they have lost interest in the relationship.

How we can help

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