Are you married to a narcissist?  Are you trying to divorce one?  A key step in any divorce is negotiation, whether that be over who gets to keep the TV, to what happens to the family home, to who will care for the children.  Everything needs to be negotiated.  But what happens when your ex is a narcissist?  Is it possible to negotiate with them about anything?

Narcissists tend to behave in particular ways.  They are often controlling, self-serving and unreasonable.  This can make any kind of negotiation challenging, especially on your own.

Here at Harrogate Family Law, we have extensive experience of dealing with this type of behaviour and use our expertise to help our clients not only get what they deserve but move on with their lives.

When negotiating there are a few key things to remember about narcissists:

Narcissists Lie

A narcissist with lie and try to manipulate situations to suit them.  This can lead them to be secretive and hide information and we have found, on divorce, this behaviour is really common.  They may try and hide money or assets; lie about how many bank accounts they have, or even their income.  As specialist family lawyers, we can help you obtain all of the information that you need to allow you to make sensible decisions about your future.  This includes information about their finances and personal circumstances.  Without our support and the legal framework behind you, it can be hard to obtain the information that you need.

Narcissists are unreasonable

Trying to negotiate with a narcissist who only cares for themselves is not an easy task.  Often, they will make their minds up about what they feel is “fair” and they will want everything to be on their terms.  In their minds, you are probably the reason for the breakdown of the marriage, and they will not want to give an inch.  A common trait of a narcissist is that they like to feel like they are “winning”.  We adapt our skills and knowledge to help you negotiate confidently and get what you deserve.

Our promise to you

We will help you:

  • Take back control
  • Uncover any hidden assets
  • Reach a fair settlement
  • Reach a conclusion so can move on with your life

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