Carol is a Partner here at Harrogate Family Law.  As a well-known family lawyer in North Yorkshire, she has recently taken the step to convert to a Solicitor after 25 years’ experience of being a Chartered Legal Executive. We managed to grab her for a quick coffee and chat to find out more about her and what this conversion means.

Q. Congratulations on your conversion to a solicitor Carol. Can you explain a little more about the difference between a Chartered Legal Executive and a Solicitor?

 A. To be honest there isn’t too much difference on a day to day basis. A Legal Executive is more limited to the kind of hearings where they can appear in court, than those of a solicitor but a Legal Executive is no less of a lawyer than a Solicitor. There are, however, differences in how we are regulated.

Q. What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A. Seeing the transformation in people as we help them into the new chapter of their life. They usually first meet us when they are at one of their lowest points of their life and we help them regain confidence in themselves and their future.

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

 A. I travel in to the office from York on the train usually arriving at 8.30am. I have a chat to my colleagues when I first arrive in the office.  Then, with the benefit of a cup of tea, I check my emails.  This will be followed by talking to clients or other solicitors on the telephone and working on clients’ cases. If there is a court hearing I will be out of the office most of the day.  If not, there will be client meetings and possibly a networking event in the early evening before heading back home.   My lovely husband will usually arrive home earlier than me and prepare tea.   My son will need to be persuaded to leave his X-box to eat and do his homework and there will be a bit of time to relax before bedtime.

Q. Okay so enough about work, when you aren’t working where would we find you?

 A. In the summer I will usually be gardening. I am also a bit of a petrol-head and really like going out on drives with friends around Yorkshire which usually involves a lunch stop, I do like eating!

Q. If you were going to recommend a TV show you have recently watched, what would it be and why?

 A. I am very sad the Durrells has ended. One of my favourite books is My family and Other Animals which it is based on. Much to my husband’s dismay I like Bargain Hunt and I can often be found trawling antiques fairs for my own bargains.

Q. What are the top 3 things on your “bucket list”?

 A. A cruise around the Norwegian Fjords and see the Northern Lights.  Travel on the Orient Express to Venice.  Visit the Grand Canyon

Q. How would your best friend describe you?

 A. Oh my, what a question! I really don’t know but I think she would comment on my sense of humour and that I love to socialise and cook for my friends.

Q. What one piece of advice would you give a younger you?

A. I suffered from anxiety for many years which I have now learned to control. I wish I had sought professional help at a much earlier age so my advice would be to recognise that it was a mental health issue and that “pulling myself together” and working harder was not going to make it go away.

Q. Who is your role model and why?

A. My dad. He taught me practical things such as car mechanics and DIY, he instilled a strong work ethic in me and he was very funny and caring, I miss him terribly.

Q. Finally, if you were not a solicitor what would you be doing?

A. I would love to be a professional gardener working at Harlow Carr or in the grounds of a stately home. The reality is that I would probably be an accountant which was what I planned before I took a summer job in a law firm when I left school.

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Carol Jessop is an experienced family lawyer specialising in finding practical solutions to resolve complex financial arrangements, protecting assets and obtaining emergency orders to provide personal protection or prevent the removal of children.

Carol has over 30 years’ experience in family law and is recognised by her clients and peers as highly knowledgeable and compassionate.

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