The cost of a pre-nup will depends on various factors, such as:

  • How complex the pre-nup is likely to be in terms of what types of asset you are trying to protect
  • The complexity of your asset base – if there are trusts or business assets then expert help may be needed in the form of trust law advice or valuation of a business
  • Whether the agreement has international elements, requiring advice from a foreign lawyer
  • How much work is likely to be needed to negotiate the terms of the pre-nup, including how many emails etc need to be sent and the number of meetings needed to finalise the agreement
  • Whether a barrister needs to be involved to assist you with the details of the agreement

All of these factors affect how easy or hard it is likely to be to reach agreement on the terms of the pre-nup and, therefore, the cost. We will, however, give you clear information at the beginning of your case as to how much your pre-nup is likely to cost.