We understand that when you are separating or divorcing, you want it over and done with as painlessly as possible. You also will want the right outcome for you and your family.

Your situation will inevitably be different to every other couple that breaks up. Your situation will be unique.  You may be worrying about what the future holds and how you are going to be financially secure in the future.

You need to pick a solicitor you trust as a person and as a specialist.

Do you do a free 30-minute meeting?

Many family law solicitors offer a free 30-minute initial appointment. You might decide whether you like someone within 30 minutes, but we doubt you know all the risks you face on your divorce or separation. If you don’t know these risks and how to resolve them at the outset, you could be making some costly mistakes.

A reason why most firms offer a free 30-minute appointment is to benefit them.  It is a marketing exercise to get you through the door in the hope that you will instruct them after that meeting. Think about it – when was the last time you got anything of value for free? Never!

Why is a 1-hour first meeting better?

We do our initial meetings differently so that you can get answers to the questions you have. We also want to understand you and your circumstances properly so that you know what steps should be taken to achieve your aims and objectives.  Finally, understanding your worries and concerns and giving you such helpful advice takes longer than 30 minutes.

To give you such meaningful advice, we find it takes about an hour. In that hour, we make sure we understand what exactly you’re worried about and what you want to achieve.  You can also get to know us, understand the process, become aware of potential pitfalls and agree the next steps. It can be a lot to take in, so we also give you a written record of our advice. In such an uncertain time, we feel it’s important to give you certainty, so we have a fixed fee for that initial meeting.

We also won’t be offended if you want to walk away after the first 30 minutes if you hate us! You can leave free of charge if you decide that we are not the right fit for you. If you do stay for the hour, it is because you know that we can help you.

Why waste your time and energy in attending a 30 minute meeting just to let lawyers market to you?  Instead, come and meet with us and get some advice that is of real benefit to you from people who have taken the time to understand you.

To arrange an initial meeting or chat more about how we can help you give us a call today on 01423 594680.

Laura Mounsey is a family lawyer with experience of working on cases involving properties, trusts, businesses and pensions.  Laura is a dedicated and talented lawyer who has been recognised with a “Safe Pair of Hands” Award.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and this article is provided by way of general information only and must not be relied upon.  If you require legal advice on a family law issue, please feel free to contact us by emailing enquiries@harrogatefamilylaw.co.uk.