The decision to divorce is not an easy one and it can feel like a very lonely time.  It is important to make sure you have the right support in place to help you come to terms it so that you can look to the future.  Here at Harrogate Family Law we have a team of compassionate solicitors who understand what you are going through and are here to help.  Below we have compiled some guidance to help you.

Talk to friends and family

If you feel lonely, it is important that you talk to someone.  Surrounding yourself with loved ones can help you feel less isolated.  Even if you would rather be alone, letting family or friends know how you feel means they can respect your wishes and be there if you need them.

Enjoy “you” time

There is a difference between enjoying your own company and being lonely.  In a marriage, you give a part of yourself to another person.  When you divorce, it is a time to put the focus back on you and your wellbeing.  Read a good book, go for a relaxing walk or simply relax and listen to some of your favourite music.

Take up new hobbies and meet new people

Putting yourself in new situations and meeting new people can help you rediscover yourself, reach a place of acceptance and move on with your life.  Take up a new hobby or join a local social organisation.

Seek help

If you feel things are getting too much, you should seek specialist help.  Your GP or a counsellor can provide you with emotional support, health and wellbeing guidance.  For legal support and assistance, it is always best to speak to a specialist family lawyer. Here at Harrogate Family Law, not only are we the very best of experts in the law, but we also understand what you are going through and can help support you.

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Laura Mounsey is a family lawyer with experience of working on cases involving properties, trusts, businesses and pensions.  Laura is a dedicated and talented lawyer who has been recognised with a “Safe Pair of Hands” Award.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and this article is provided by way of general information only and must not be relied upon.  If you require legal advice on a family law issue, please feel free to contact us by emailing