You may believe that any inheritance you receive is solely yours.  However, on divorce, this is not always the case. Inheritance can include property, money, a business or valuable heirlooms such as art and antiques.

We have detailed below some steps you can take to best protect your inheritance on divorce; however, it is always vital to take legal advice as your individual circumstances can impact how your inheritance is treated.

Keep hold of documentation

Make sure you keep a copy of any paperwork that names you as the sole beneficiary of the inherited asset, as this may help your case.

Consider a pre-nup or post-nup

If you have received or know that you are going to receive an inheritance, a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement can help to shield those assets during divorce proceedings.

Maintain Separate Accounts

If you have been left a sum of money it should be held in a separate account in your sole name. Once the money has been held in a joint account it can be much more difficult say it wasn’t intended to be shared.

Future inheritance

Future inheritance is unlikely to be considered as part of a divorce settlement unless you are likely to receive it imminently.  If you are anticipating an inheritance in the future it would be sensible to discuss this with a specialist family lawyer and consider entering into a marital agreement.

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