Social media is an integral part of everyday life for most people.  It is a fantastic way to keep in touch with both relatives and friends from whom distance separates you.  However, could social media be damaging your relationship?


Social media can be very distracting.  If your phone/tablet is glued to your hand, scrolling through social media, are you really paying your partner enough attention?


Oversharing, where someone shares too much information about their private life, is an easy trap to fall into on social media and it can lead to arguments within the home.  If your partner is a private person, they may not appreciate their personal life being broadcast to the world.


Seeing a stranger of the opposite sex liking or commenting on your partner’s social media may be upsetting and unwittingly bring out a jealous streak or make you feel insecure.  This can lead to arguments and place further strain on your relationship.


Many people are keen to create a persona on social media of how they believe they should look.  This is also true of relationships.  Inevitably this can lead to people comparing their relationships to that of others which is never a good thing.  Everyone and every relationship is different and the picture perfect world of social media relationships can set unrealistic expectations for couples.

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