Are you worried that your partner may have strayed?  We have put together some of the common signs that may lead you to question your partner’s fidelity.  Whilst these traits are common in people cheating or hiding something, it does not necessarily mean that they are and should not be taken as proof alone.

Are they showing a lack of interest in you?

Do they ask you about your day?  What you have been up to?  Do they show any interest in what is going on in your life?  Whilst, we can all be inconsiderate and distracted at times, if this is a common theme in your relationship, it can indicate that something is wrong.  Is this a change from how your partner has historically acted?

Do they hide their phone?

Do you find every time you enter the room your partner hides their phone?  Do they always take it with them everywhere they go?  Do they look worried if you pick up their phone?  Have they changed their passcodes?

Whilst this could be completely innocent, it could also mean they have something to hide.

Are they always out?

Are they always working late for seemingly no reason?  Are they out drinking all the time with their friends?  Are they working away?  Are the generally just spending less and less time at home?

Sometimes we all have to work late.  We all like to catch up with friends and we all need a break from being at home.  But if this is a dramatic change in behaviour, you may have cause to question it.

Are they suddenly very private with about money?

Do they no longer let you be involved in their finances?  Do they hide their credit card statement?  Could there something on there that they don’t want you to see?

Do they get jealous?

If you are going out or you get attention from other people, do they become very jealous?  Does this lead to arguments or disagreements?  This could be a sign that they are feeling guilty about something and are transferring that on to you.

 Do they get defensive?

 If you question them about changes in their behaviour, do they become very accusatory and defensive?  Are they evasive when you ask them questions?

Whilst it is natural to be defensive when questioned, if this is over the top, they could be hiding something.

Ultimately, a number of these behaviours could suggest that your partner is hiding something.  It does not guarantee that they are cheating.  However, it may indicate that there are likely issues within your relationship.

In the first instance, you should try and talk to your partner to work through any problems and concerns that you have.  You could also consider relationship counselling.

If you have discovered that your partner has been cheating or hiding something, or if you feel that your relationship has come to an end, we are here to help.

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