The new year is widely acknowledged as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. For many of us, it’s a chance to set some personal goals that can help improve our daily life, or the motivation we need to try new things. 

If you’re newly divorced, the new year can feel even more pertinent. However, it’s really important to prioritise yourself as you adjust to life as a single person. New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, as long as they’re geared towards making your future as positive as possible. 

We’ve come up with a few resolutions that can help you start your new life on the right track.

Finalise the divorce

If you’re stalling and putting off making your divorce final, now is the time to do it. Coming to terms with being separated can be really difficult. It’s normal for people to prolong the process, especially if they’re anxious about what life will look like after it’s done. But if you’ve come this far, the new year is a good time to focus on the future.

If you haven’t already negotiated the financial arrangements and any future settlement, make sure you’re taking the legal advice you need to get that in place and achieve a fair outcome

Whether it’s applying for your decree absolute (as long as your solicitor has advised that you do so), storing your legal documents or even changing your name, or sorting the finances, sorting the practical steps can really help you start to move on.

Prioritise yourself

While being newly divorced can seem like a daunting prospect, it’s also a great opportunity to think about what you want. It’s the ideal time to focus on yourself. Whether it’s trying out a new hobby, reconnecting with old friends or just carving out time for self-care, it’s really important to put yourself first.

It can also help if you’re thinking about a new relationship. For example, if your previous relationship involved a lot of sacrifice, compromise or neglect, this space to re-focus on yourself and your feelings can help you avoid being in the same situation again. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Approaching the future after a divorce can feel lonely. Having a strong support network can really help.

Whether it’s co-parenting, starting a new job or simply overcoming the initial loneliness, you shouldn’t have to cope all on your own. Ask for help from friends and family where you can, and don’t be afraid to seek further support, whether it’s from legal and financial professionals or those who can help you to take care of your wellbeing .

Be kind to yourself

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be about pressuring yourself to be better. They should be about figuring out your priorities and committing to things that will help you be happier as you start a new year. Ultimately, make sure that you’re being kind to yourself and give yourself a well-deserved break. 

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