Historically the family justice system has not always been progressive and forward thinking.  Thankfully over the years there has been positive movement ensuring that everyone is treated equally and with respect.

One of our partners, Carol Jessop, remembers when clients such as those who were in same sex relationships or transgender were unfairly discriminated against in children cases.  LGBT+ people were considered to be a risk to the children and contact with them was thought to be potentially harmful.

The law now not only recognises civil partnerships, but also same sex marriage.

Separation and discussions about arrangements for your children can be highly emotional situations and on occasion accusations can be made that your new circumstances mean it is not in the children’s best interests to spend time with you.

We are really pleased that the law has developed and it is important that you know that both parents should have meaningful relationships with their children.

At Harrogate Family Law we fight for everyone to be treated fairly.  If, for any reason, you are concerned about your relationship with your children, do not hesitate to talk to us in the strictest confidence.  We listen, we understand and we care.

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Andrew Meehan is an experienced family lawyer specialising in complex divorces involving significant or hidden assets, as well as cases involving children.

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