We would always recommend that you talk to a specialist family lawyer as soon as possible when you are thinking about whether or not to divorce.

Many people delay things, often because they think they can sort a lot of issues out themselves and save money.

Here are 6 reasons why talking to a divorce solicitor should be your first step.

  1. It is really helpful to understand your legal position before you start discussing arrangements for your home, finances and children. Even if you negotiate most things between yourselves, talking to a solicitor can also help you clarify what you can expect to receive in your settlement and what you need to think about.
  2. As soon as you start talking to a solicitor you have someone on your side who understands what you are going through. They should also be objective in what is a difficult situation and use their knowledge to assist you. This can really help in the early days when you feel overwhelmed by the decisions and emotions facing you.
  3. You might think your case is going to be straightforward but there are issues in almost every divorce case that need specialist input from a solicitor. Some of these things can cause real problems if they are not dealt with properly from the outset. Decisions about moving out of the family home, paying the bills in the interim before your divorce is complete and dividing up possessions and assets can all cause problems if they are not approached in the right way. Your solicitor will help you avoid these pitfalls and make sure nothing is overlooked.
  4. The relationship you have with your solicitor will be based on trust and good communication. The earlier you start sharing information about your situation and your future needs, the sooner your solicitor can start helping you achieve the outcome you want. It’s worth remembering that having a good solicitor is an investment in your future. Our legal knowledge and experience means we recognise the unique features in each case, spot potential problems and complications and take early action to iron out difficulties. We can also put you in touch with other local professionals such as financial advisers and counsellors, should you need them.
  5. Your divorce solicitor is there to answer your questions. In the early days you are likely to have lots of questions about where you will live, how you will continue parenting your children, how you will afford to live alone and much more. Your solicitor can also give you advice on the practicalities of how to manage your money while the divorce goes through.
  6. Your solicitor can help you start thinking about the things that are most important to you straightaway, including things that are not necessarily critical to your financial settlement. These might be possessions that have personal significance or important dates when you know you will want to be with your children. By getting to know your priorities at the start of the divorce process your solicitor will be able to do a much better job in helping you put those important things first in your negotiations.

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Andrew Meehan is an experienced family lawyer specialising in complex divorces involving significant or hidden assets, as well as cases involving children.

He is recommended for family law by both Chambers 2019 (York, Hull and surrounding regions) and the Legal 500 2018 (Leeds/West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire region).

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