Taking the first step of getting legal advice when a relationship ends can be very daunting.  At Harrogate Family Law we understand how hard it can be to come in and meet with a solicitor. These are some of the worries that people have told us they had:

Will this mean there is no going back?  Will it look like I am giving up on the marriage completely?

The meeting is completely confidential, and your partner will not need to know about it unless you want them to.  Getting legal advice to find out where you stand in case the relationship might end is sensible financial and vital.

What if I can’t afford the legal fees?

We provide clear information about how much it is likely to cost.  The initial hour’s meeting is charged at a fixed fee.  If you want us to help you we will talk to you about the options, the likely cost and payment arrangements based around your budget.

What will the solicitor need from me?

We will tell you when we arrange the meeting if there is anything we need but usually you don’t need to bring any documents with you.  You can bring along a trusted friend or relative if you wish.

What if I don’t like the solicitor and don’t want them to help me after all?

We hope that we are easy to talk with and inspire confidence but if in the first 30 minutes of the meeting you want to leave, you can do so without incurring any charge at all. Likewise, if we feel that we cannot help, we will tell you.

What can I expect from the meeting?

It is an opportunity to discuss the issues which are causing you the most concern, what you would like to achieve and the approach you would like to take.  We can tell you your options and any pitfalls to avoid.  If you want us to help further, we will discuss the next steps. We are unlikely to be able to give specific advice about the outcome at this stage because to do so would require a crystal ball.  However, we can provide guidance about what may be possible.

What if I struggle to talk because I am so upset?

It is normal to feel emotional.  Many of our clients are anxious when we first meet with them, but we will put you at ease.  The most rewarding aspect of our work is helping our clients back to happiness and financial security.

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Laura Mounsey is a family lawyer with experience of working on cases involving properties, trusts, businesses and pensions.  Laura is a dedicated and talented lawyer who has been recognised with a “Safe Pair of Hands” Award.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and this article is provided by way of general information only and must not be relied upon.  If you require legal advice on a family law issue, please feel free to contact us by emailing enquiries@harrogatefamilylaw.co.uk.