A dog is very much part of the family and if you have reached the decision that your marriage has come to an end, it is natural that you will be worried about who your dog will live with.

How are dogs seen by the law?

 Whilst we love and care for dogs as one of the family, the law unfortunately does not see them in this light.  Legally, dogs and all pets are considered as possessions.  As such, they are considered to be asset of the marriage.  Obviously, a dog cannot be split like other assets.

 How we can help

 We understand how important pets are and we will do our best to help negotiate arrangements for your beloved pet.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue amicably with your ex and reach a resolution that is in the best interests of your dog.

However, in the absence of an agreement, your dog will be considered alongside the other assets from your marriage and can be discussed as part of any offers of settlement.  If no agreement is made as part of wider negotiations, then ultimately a court can decide who your dog will live with as part of an overall financial settlement.  However, court is always a last resort and we are highly skilled negotiators with 95% of our cases settling outside of court.

If you are worried about who your dog will live with it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

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