How long does a divorce take?

It is possible to get a divorce within six months, although it can take considerably longer than this. Typically it will take between six and twelve months for the financial settlement and divorce to be concluded. In extreme and complex cases, particularly those that are acrimonious or involve high value or international assets, it can ...

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Do the contents of the divorce petition really matter?

In short, yes. Although it is possible for you to complete the divorce paperwork yourself, it is certainly not advisable. You should take family law advice before starting any proceedings because it can have serious consequences for you. Some of the problems you may run into are: Rejection of the divorce by the court. If there ...

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I have been married for 6 months. Can I get a divorce?

In order to get a divorce, you need to have been married for 12 months before you start the divorce process. However, if you have separated before then, there are still steps you can take to protect your position, such as having a Separation Agreement. This may give you protection against your spouse making claims ...

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Can I get a quickie divorce?

A quickie divorce is a bit of a myth. Nowadays, the vast majority of divorces go through on an undefended basis where effectively both parties agree that there should be a divorce. In these cases there is a quicker procedure than if the case is defended by one of the parties who tries to block ...

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How much does a divorce cost?

There are two elements to any divorce. The first element is the work involved in getting a divorce itself, i.e. the process involved in obtaining the final decree of divorce called the Final Order. This is usually straightforward as most cases are not disputed by the other party, so we can provide you with a ...

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How will I pay my legal costs on my divorce?

We will discuss with you at the beginning of your case how your legal fees will be paid. The usual rule is that each party has to pay for the costs of their own lawyer for negotiating the financial settlement. However, as part of the settlement it is possible to agree that your spouse should ...

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