Mental health awareness has risen to significance in recent years, whether that’s at home, at school or in the workplace. And it’s really encouraging to see. Now more than ever, mental wellbeing needs to be prioritised. 

The events of 2020 have massively impacted the legal industry, with many professionals in the field really feeling the pressure. 

This week, we’re looking at the importance of mental health in the workplace, and why it matters. 

The impact of 2020 

It’s safe to say that every single sector has been affected by the events of 2020. As for the legal industry, that’s taken a big hit. A meteoric rise in divorce enquiries, pressure on conveyancers to meet the stamp duty holiday deadlines, and a rush of people looking to get their estate planning in order has seen the average solicitor’s workload increase in a big way. 

And that’s no bad thing. The problem however, is dealing with an awful lot of change, in very strange circumstances. These truly are unprecedented times. 

From the way law firms have to operate, to the changing laws themselves, legal professionals are more in demand than ever. The pressure to keep up with these constant fluctuations has been overwhelming for many, and it’s important to have support in place for when times get tough. 

Law firms need to prioritise mental health

2020’s events aside, working in the legal industry has always been emotionally demanding. A survey by UK insurance firm Protectivity found that lawyers are the second most stressed professionals in the country, with 63% in the legal industry reporting stress daily. 

These are concerning statistics. The Law Gazette recently reported that ‘lawyers suffer from significantly lower levels of psychological and psychosomatic health wellbeing than other professionals’. As a family lawyer, working long hours on complex and sensitive subjects is par for the course, but it also means that it’s very easy to allow mental wellbeing to take a backseat.  That’s why here at Harrogate Family Law, we take looking after our people seriously. 

Taking care of employees, so they can take care of clients.

We’ve all heard that a business’s greatest asset is its people. Well, it’s true. If we don’t take care of our people, we can’t expect them to take care of our clients. And if we’re not providing the very best service to our clients, then we’re not providing anything at all. Long story short? People want to work with people who are shown to care about their teams. 

Family law cases can often be sensitive and complex, and if you’re a client reading this, it’s likely that you’ll want to feel reassured that your legal support is compassionate and approachable. If you’re a family solicitor reading this, you’re far more likely to want to stay with a firm that cares about you. If you’re an employer reading this blog, then you’ll know that when employees feel valued, it improves productivity and boosts morale. Both of which will shine throughout the entire firm.

Mental health awareness at Harrogate Family Law

harrogate family law team

At Harrogate Family Law, we care about our team and we do all we can to make sure they’re taken care of. 

Our solicitors take it seriously too, with two of our partners, Carol and Laura, recently receiving accreditations in mental health awareness training. On 21 May, Emma also organised a free lunchtime meditation session for Harrogate & District Law Society and other local professionals to mark National Meditation Day. To us, it’s really simple; we look after each other, so that we can look after our clients.  

We care about our team, and we care about you. If you’re looking for a firm that puts you first, get in touch with Harrogate Family Law today. Let’s see how we can help you on the path towards a brighter future.