Will I get the house when I divorce?

It depends on your particular circumstances. Generally speaking, the court has to reach a fair financial settlement. Whether you can retain the home will usually depend on whether you have children living with you and also what other assets you have between you and your spouse. The welfare of the children means that they need ...

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Does my house have to be sold on my divorce?

Not necessarily. Every case is different and it completely depends on your own circumstances, those of your family and also your financial position. The first thing to consider is what is likely to be in the interests of your children. For example, if you have a child going through their GCSEs, then their interests may ...

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Can’t I just change the locks on the house?

Tempting as it may be to change the locks to prevent the other person gaining access to the home, you can’t change them if the property is jointly owned. Tensions can quickly escalate which is why negotiations should be progressed through a solicitor so that agreement can be reached rather than resorting to extreme measures.

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