3 reasons why you must get legal advice on any financial agreement you reach on divorce or separation

Once an agreement is reached this should be put into a formal document to ensure that the terms of the agreement are clear, fully understood by both of you and will protect each of you from possible further claims in the future.

What happens if a Court Order in financial proceedings is not complied with?

There can be two types of court order:

  • one which sets out the terms of the financial settlement and is either agreed by the parties or imposed by the judge and usually comes at the end of the proceedings
  • within the proceedings, there can be case management orders setting out the documents or information required to progress to a final settlement.

We are separating amicably – do I need a solicitor?

It is always preferable to resolve the child arrangements and the division of assets amicably.

It is often a more cost-effective way to divorce, as well as minimising the stress and disruption that an acrimonious separation can cause. We are always supportive of clients who want to achieve an amicable settlement.

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