I can’t afford to keep paying my ex maintenance – can I just cut them off?

If you have been ordered by the court to pay your ex maintenance, there can be serious consequences if you just cut them off. You may feel you have good reason to do so but you will put yourself in a difficult position if you take any action without having specialist advice first.

How much is your future worth to you when you separate?

We understand that when you are separating or divorcing, you want it over and done with as painlessly as possible. You also will want the right outcome for you and your family.

Your situation will inevitably be different to every other couple that breaks up. Your situation will be unique.  You may be worrying about what the future holds and how you are going to be financially secure in the future.

You need to pick a solicitor you trust as a person and as a specialist.

10 Easy Steps to Take Back Control When You’re Separating (Part 1)

1. Time: the greatest healer?

 You may find yourself in shock.  This may be a position you never thought you would end up in.  You probably have no idea what to do.  It sounds like a cliché, but time really is a great healer.  It is important to take some time for you.  Do the things you like doing and make an effort to put yourself first.

The case of Mrs. Owens and what it means to anyone applying for a divorce now

It will have been hard to miss the press coverage of the divorce case between Mr. and Mrs. Owens which went all the way to the Supreme Court.  There is much talk of reforming the law so that a divorce can be obtained without making allegations of blame.  Unless and until the law is reformed we need to consider what effect this has on the way divorce applications are made.