6 tips for couples divorcing after their children have grown up

The number of couples divorcing after their children have flown the nest has never been higher.

There are many factors prompting people to start a new life at 50 or 60 plus, not least a desire to enjoy life rather than endure it, a philosophy the baby boomer generation has been brought up with.

But what if your divorce has been prompted by your partner’s decision to start again and the desire to re-invent yourself isn’t there?

6 early steps you should take before divorce

When you are preparing for divorce the things you do in the first few weeks can have a huge impact on your financial future. That’s why it’s important to take advice before you make any decisions that could affect your long term position.

Trainee Role for Top Law Graduate

A top law graduate who recently completed a prestigious Baroness Cohen Scholarship at BPP Law School in Leeds has begun a new role as a trainee solicitor at Harrogate Family Law.

Laura Mounsey has been working as a paralegal at the North Yorkshire law firm since graduating from Durham University. She recently received a distinction in her core topics at BPP and an award for her pro bono work.

Who will your children live with after divorce?

It is natural to be worried about where your children will live and how much time they are going to spend with you after divorce or separation. Children living part-time with both parents, known a shared parenting arrangement, is becoming more common although this isn’t always practical.

People still talk about custody and access, although the courts now refer to decisions about where your children will live as “child arrangements”.  At Harrogate Family Law, we help you sort out how to make choices that are in the best interests of your children. This can include making sure your children continue to see members of the extended family, such as aunts and grandparents.

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