Staying friends with your ex; is it really possible? Read our co-parenting tips

When a relationship breaks down, staying friends with your ex might seem an impossibility. It depends on individual circumstances and the reasons for separating, of course, but some people do manage to achieve an amicable relationship. The Duke and Duchess of York are perhaps one of the best-known couples who have remained friends despite divorcing after 10 years of marriage. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin remain on friendly terms after they ‘consciously uncoupled’ in 2014.

What are the risks when you delay making a financial claim in divorce proceedings?

A common misconception in divorce is that a financial claim cannot be made once a Decree Absolute has been granted. In reality there is no limitation period for bringing a financial claim after divorce and there have been a number of very high profile cases recently where financial claims have been brought many years after the marriage had ended.

7 tell-tale signs that your marriage may be over

In our experience it’s rarely one thing that signals the end of a marriage. Rather than a monumental argument, it’s likely to be a gradual build-up of problems and issues over a period of time.

Having advised clients on separation and divorce over a number of years, we’ve compiled a list of seven tell-tale signs that a marriage is no longer working.

How to pay your divorce costs

The cost of seeking expert legal advice can be such a concern for some people that they delay going to a solicitor until they absolutely have to. This is completely understandable, particularly at a time when your future financial security is so uncertain, but the issue of how you pay your divorce costs is something we can help you with and it shouldn’t stop you getting the support you need. The sooner you get expert legal advice, the better.

How to get the divorce process started

1. Protecting your position

Before the divorce process can get underway our priority will be to protect your position by making sure your spouse does not dispose of or hide assets and avoiding setting any precedents that could reduce the amount of the settlement you ultimately receive. You should also think carefully before leaving the family home as this could make it more difficult to say that it should be sold or transferred to you in the longer term. If your spouse has moved out and you are left with the house and the children we will help you to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills.

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