Restraining Orders in Divorce Proceedings

There are times when the reason for a divorce is due to threatening behaviour or abuse in the marriage. Domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of physical or sexual violence or controlling behaviour in a relationship. It may involve physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual abuse and can include violent behaviour or subtle control that makes the victim feel worthless, deprives them of money or prevents them from leaving the family home.

Why all good marriages should start with a pre-nup

Pre-nuptial agreements may not be one of the most romantic topics of conversation for couples planning a wedding but recent research has found that more than 40% of single men and women think a pre-nup is a good idea. Many couples now look on them as a practical and sensible step before entering into marriage.

Spousal Maintenance – How Long Can a Wife Expect to Be Financially Supported by her Ex Husband?

A husband who is making regular spousal maintenance payments to his wife will understandably question why he is still expected to pay her regular amounts of money when she has moved a new partner in and no longer seems to be having to manage on her own.

Warning for unmarried couples over common law marriage myth

As the trend for couples to live together without marrying continues to rise, efforts are underway to make them aware that common law marriage is a myth and they are not automatically entitled to the level of legal protection that applies to married couples.

There is still a misconception that couples who share their home and finances have certain rights, whether they are married or not. This assumption is unfortunately resulting in some people being left homeless and facing financial hardship if their relationship breaks down.

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